What diet protects against heart disease

By | February 24, 2021

what diet protects against heart disease

Preventing heart disease and all cardiovascular diseases means making smart choices now that will pay off the rest of your life. Lack of exercise, a poor diet and other unhealthy habits can take their toll over the years. Anyone at any age can benefit from simple steps to keep their heart healthy during each decade of life. No matter what your age, everyone can benefit from a healthy diet and adequate physical activity. Getting smart about your heart early on puts you far ahead of the curve. Juggling family and career leaves many adults with little time to worry about their hearts. Here are some ways to balance all three. Healthy choices you make now can strengthen your heart for the long haul. Understand why you need to make a lifestyle change and have the confidence to make it. Then, tackle them one at a time. So starting in the 50s, you need to take extra steps.

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You might have heard that changing the way you eat can impact your health. But what about your heart specifically? Poor diet is one of the leading risk factors for heart disease in Australia [1]. What you eat and drink impacts several heart disease risk factors, including. Reducing the amount of highly processed food you eat is great for your heart. Up to 35 per cent [5] of the average Australian diet is currently made up of highly processed foods, such as. Not all dairy products are equal.

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