Vodka when on a diet

By | December 22, 2020

vodka when on a diet

CNN I often tell people to steer clear of alcoholic beverages when trying to lose weight. After all, they don’t exactly provide nutritious calories, and consuming them can make it increasingly more challenging to lose weight. But that doesn’t stop people from asking me, “what is the best drink to have on a diet? Lisa Drayer is a nutritionist, an author and a CNN health and nutrition contributor. Which alcoholic beverages are more diet-friendly? More Videos How alcohol affects your health Clearly, some alcoholic beverages are more waistline-friendly than others. So the short answer is: If you’re looking to shed pounds, some of your lowest-calorie bets are a shot of spirits for example, a 1.

Some research says no amount of alcohol, even in moderation, is healthy for the mind or body. Inverse put different types of booze head-to-head to see which drinks get a relative green light and which to avoid. One strategy to cut excess calories from your drinking habits? Choose spirits, but leave out sugary mixers like soda, tonic water, or syrups. Spirits often have the biggest bang for your buck: Just a shot of whiskey, gin or rum is likely to give you a buzz faster than downing beer or wine. They also are the lightest and lowest carbohydrate drinks of the group: A standard shot of whiskey, tequila, vodka, gin, or rum has about 97 calories. But cocktails are often sneaky vehicles for huge amounts of added sugar. A vodka cranberry and Jack and Coke, two popular cocktails, can contain over 30 grams of sugar, a number close to your daily recommendation. Cider is also a notoriously sweet option at about 20 grams of sugar per serving. Swap these orders for a vodka soda with lime or traditional martini, choices less likely to throw your liver into overdrive than a Long Island iced tea. Steer clear of anything blue, cloudy, or with a tiny umbrella sticking out — red flags that a drink might be sugar-laden and unlikely to help you achieve to your health goals.

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