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High fat diet hypothalamic damage

Jr, Rhodes CJ. Castelli V. High fat and high sugar foods are energy dense foods which are highly palatable and they are very easy to overeat. Results Initially, we evaluated the effect of the HF diet on the induction of apoptosis in hypothalamic cells. Obesity is associated with hypothalamic injury in rodents and humans. According… Read More »

What is a good high protein diet

A high-protein diet encourages eating more protein and fewer carbohydrates or fat to boost weight loss, improve energy, and enhance athletic performance. Protein is an essential nutrient for health. It is responsible for a number of important functions in the body, including hormones, enzymes, and cell repair and maintenance. Some research suggests that a diet… Read More »

Low carb mixed with high carb diet

One of the most popular question patients ask us in our clinical practice is, “What do you think about the Atkins Diet? First, clear definitions are important when asking and answering this question. Other choices include Protein Power, Sugarbusters, The Zone, and the many variations of these specific plans that people adapt for themselves in… Read More »