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Why am i on a clear liquid diet

It is OK to add sugar and lemon to your tea. This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. Take it slow while you’re on the diet and avoid any extreme activity. This type of diet may be recommended for a number of reasons, most notably as part… Read More »

Otems on clear liquid diet

Most doctors will likely recommend you stick to a lighter in color soda such as club soda, ginger ale, or Sprite. It is important that the clear liquid diet be followed exactly. Whether you like to wing it or follow a recipe to a tee, cookbooks are always a good idea. The clear liquid diet… Read More »

Can diet and exercise clear plaque

They can also help to stabilize them so that they are less likely to break off and block blood flow, decreasing your risk of a heart attack. The notion of plaque reduction, known medically as regression of atherosclerosis, arose from a fortuitous observation during World War II. Norwegian scientists noticed that the scarcity of food… Read More »

Clear liquid diet food list for pancreatitis

AIM: To compare non-liquid and clear-liquid diets, and to assess whether the latter is the optimal treatment for mild acute pancreatitis. Randomized controlled trials RCTs that compared non-liquid with clear-liquid diets in patients with mild acute pancreatitis were included. A meta-analysis was performed using available evidence from RCTs. Compared to liquid diet, non-liquid diet significantly… Read More »