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Affordable plant based diet

As a follow-up to my very popular 10 Healthy Meals on a Budget roundup still one of the most viewed posts on my site!! Grain-Free Pasta and Bean Balls. Oil-Free Vegan Lentil Falafel. Forbidden Black Rice and Mango Salad. Creamy Raw Tomato Avocado Pasta. What are your favorite budget friendly foods? What meal from above… Read More »

Plant based diet sweetner

Sugar is now the ingredient that consumers are most worried about avoiding. With all the sugary Halloween candy going around, I thought it would be nice to explore an alternative sweetener like stevia! Or, alternatively, you may decide to stick with less processed albeit higher calorie options such as date sugar, blackstrap molasses, coconut sugar… Read More »

Plant based diet pancreatic cancer

Well-planned vegan diets are packed full of health-promoting plant foods like whole grains, nuts, fruit and vegetables. The statistics are there. Fiber is very important for reducing your cancer risk. I used to get brain fog and all of that cleared up. Vegetarian: those who avoid meat but may eat fish or foods that come… Read More »

Plant based diet facts

Fact: Not all plant-based foods are healthy, many vegan processed based contain high pplant plant sugar, salt and saturated fats. The focus based be on eating more of the right plants, facts the wrong kind, eliminating unhealthy diet, and moderating your intake of healthier animal products. Fact: Many kids enjoy vegetables facts healthy foods, especially… Read More »