Food party mirror diet

By | August 6, 2020

food party mirror diet

If you’re worried about squeezing into your slinky festive frock – this simple but effective diet will help you drop a dress size before the big day. We’ve devised a complete eating plan to help you shift up to a dress size in just six weeks without seriously depriving yourself. Follow our simple advice, and then all you have to do is decide which dynamite dress to wear to dazzle on the dance floor. This calorie-controlled diet plan is high in protein and healthy carbohydrates, and packed with vitamins and minerals from fruit and veg. No food groups are cut out — you can eat everything but in sensible quantities, with lower amounts of fat and sugar. Our plan will keep you full and ensure you have all the energy you need in the busy run-up to Christmas — while helping you shed those excess pounds. Eating your carbs mainly at breakfast and lunch will also ensure you have bags of energy during the day when you need it most. Up the protein Eat more fish, chicken, eggs, nuts and pulses. Research shows that protein keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

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