Diet cafffeine free from restaurant

By | January 13, 2021

diet cafffeine free from restaurant

So what I’m wondering is, how rare is this to find in London? Is there a place I could buy a small okay, large quantity of it to stash in my hotel room for the week? Or, barring that, what are my other options for other cold caffeine-free, mostly calorie-free beverages that are not water? You’ll find that any supermarket has a good selection of diet drinks, includng caffeine free coke. You won’t find Sprite here but you can certainly get caffeine free soft drinks here. Coke Zero is what you are looking for and all the supermarkets and shops will sell it. I hesitate to argue with fellow poster, but Coke Zero has no calories, and does contain caffeine,and we do have diet Sprite. You will need to look for Caffeine free Diet Coke. As I say, both available at all good supermarkets.

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